Rockport Featured on

August 18, 2016

Rockport is a favorite travel destination for day trips, weekly stays and lengthy vacations alike.  Our wonderful seacoast village was recently featured on as a Summer Day Trip.  Many of the town’s shops, attractions and restaurants were featured in…

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Top 7 Walks in Rockport, MA

August 3, 2016

A Walking Guide of Rockport, MA WALK ONE -The Headlands and Old Garden Path. From Dock Square, proceed up Mount Pleasant Street, passing T-Wharf with its view of Motif#1 on your left. You will soon pass the Hannah Jumper House,…

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Beaches of Rockport

July 22, 2016

Back Beach: Beach Street On Beach Street between Main and Granite, Back Beach offers great views as a bonus to its sand and surf, and is close to the downtown shopping area. Back Beach is a renowned scuba diver’s destination.…

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Story of Hannah Jumper

July 18, 2016

July 8, 1856, is an important date in the history of Rockport. On that summer morning, 200 wives, mothers, daughters and assorted supporters gathered in Dock Square to take part in an event that would have repercussions to this very…

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How Motif No.1 Got Its Name

Motif No. 1 Images of Rockport’s iconic fishing shack on Bearskin Neck are known and recognized throughout the world, and instantly familiar to any student of art or art history. How Motif No. 1 Got Its Name “ROCKPORT’S trade mark…

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Essex Coastal Scenic Byway Sign Installation Commences

May 9, 2016

Wayfinding Signage System Promotes Heritage Tourism in 14 Coastal Communities The Essex National Heritage Commission (Essex Heritage) is pleased to announce the installation of directional signage along the Essex Coastal Scenic Byway, a state-designated route linking 14 coastal communities from…

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October 29, 2015

Rockport, MA ‘ Just about everywhere else in New England Santa arrives by sleigh, fire engine, or on a wagon. However, it’s only natural that in Rockport, MA Santa arrives by lobster boat. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, Rockport…

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