Rockport Fudgery

Rockport Fudgery
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Address: 4 Tuna Wharf, Rockport
Phone: 978-546-2030

Fudge! See it made Saturdays 2 to 5. We also offer ice cream, our own hot fudge sundaes, taffy, truffles, turtles, elephant ears, and organic coffees.

Every morning at the Rockport Fudgery our Fudgemasters pour fresh cream, milk and pure cane sugar into our giant steam kettles to make unforgettable fudge. Close monitoring of the exact cooking temperatures and constant stirring are required to maintain the consistency of our fudge mixture.

At the proper temperature the batch is poured into copper kettles to begin the cooling process.Our Fudgemasters then hand-whip the mixture with wooden paddles to achieve a smooth and creamy texture. Nuts, flavorings and mix-ins are added. When the mixture suddenly changes color and consistency the extra creamy fudge is poured into fudge pans to cool on our marble tables to await your selection.

Our pure and creamy fudge is gift wrapped and mailed to your friends all over the United States. Fudge from the Rockport Fudgery is the finest gift of good taste.

Country Kettle Fudge is an exclusive fudge product produced by the Rockport Fudgery and our other stores located in Newport, R.I., and Beach Haven, N.J.