Rockport Exchange

Rockport Exchange is a volunteer organization building a strong community by featuring the qualities that make Rockport so distinctive: the history, geography, art and culture. Two festivals, along with a Farmers’ Market during the summer, are held each year. The festivals bookend the summer season in Rockport, with Motif No.1 Day kicking the season off in the spring and Harvestfest closing the summer season in the fall. Motif No.1 Day emphasizes the arts while the Rockport HarvestFest emphasizes the best of regional, seasonal food. The Rockport Farmers’ Market is a small, focused market that brings together residents and visitors in who would like to start their summer Saturday mornings in Rockport by coming together to enjoy great local food, including baked goods, handmade pasta, award-winning pesto, grass-fed beef, smoked seafood and much more!

Our name speaks to our mission: Rockport Exchange is at the crossroads of ideas and goods. Through our programs we create space and opportunity for residents and visitors alike to come together and contribute to a forward-looking, vibrant community built on a clear appreciation of Rockport’s past.

Our Partnerships: Volunteers & Sponsors

Here at Rockport Exchange, we love to partner with businesses, civic groups and cultural organizations to reach our shared goals of bringing out the best in our community. If you would like to contribute as a volunteer in any capacity, or donate to help fund festival programming, please let us know by sending an email to