A New Dance for America

A Showing of the Complete Documentary Film:

A New Dance for America:

The Teachings, Choreography and Legacy of Doris Humphrey

Saturday, August 22, 2009 ‘ 5 _ 7pm

at Windhover Performing Arts Center

257R Granite St. (Rte. 127) Rockport, MA

You are cordially invited to this showing of the 90-minute documentary, written and directed by Ina Hahn, narrated by Lindsay Crouse and Ina Hahn, and produced by Phil Hopkins

Admission is free. Suggested donation is $20.

Includes hors d’oeuvres and beverages

Reservations are required by August 18th

Call 978-546-3611 or e-mail windhover@verizon.net


Windhover is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation. All contributions are tax deductible.

Our thanks to the many individuals whose support has made this film possible, and to Tides Foundation and Arons and Associates for their major contributions.

Doris Humphrey 1895-1958

Humphrey was an important figure in the development of modern dance, but few people outside the dance world know about her. This documentary is an effort to change that and to bring to light her remarkable gifts as a choreographer and teacher. She created over 90 dances, many of them masterpieces, and her 1958 book on composition, ‘The Art of Making Dances,’ for which she received a Guggenheim Award, is still regarded as one of the best books on choreography, used by colleges and dance departments everywhere. More Humphrey dances are revived throughout the world than those of other pioneers, and her work still speaks to today’s audiences.

‘Doris Humphrey was one of the half dozen women who created what was incontestably the first American art form in our American history.’

‘ John Martin, New York Times, 1972

‘As great as she (Doris Humphrey) was as a dancer, she is even greater as a choreographer, ranking her as perhaps the very best that America has.’

‘ Walter Terry, The Herald Tribune 1945

‘As a choreographer, she is first of all.’

‘ Margaret Lloyd, Christian Science Monitor

Ina Hahn:

Manager of WW Film Co.,LLC and Executive Director of Windhover

As a member of the Doris Humphrey Company, she danced in several revivals

of Humphrey’s works and performed in Charles Weidman’s Company as well as

on Broadway. She has taught, choreographed and performed at colleges throughout

the Northeast. For the past 40 years she has directed Windhover Performing Arts Center, sponsoring classes and workshops in dance, training hundreds of young

people, and producing original dance and theater works.

Lindsay Crouse: Narrator

Academy Award-nominated actress who has appeared on stage, in films and

on television. With her husband, Rick Blue, she teaches Tibetan Buddhism and spiritual partnership around the country, including a meditation and teaching retreat this summer at Windhover, August 24-August 30.

Philip Elliott Hopkins: Producer

Founder of dogtown productions, inc., an independent music/film publishing, production and marketing company. Mr. Hopkins retains clients from all over the world and represents various styles of music and film. In 2006, Phil met Ina Hahn while producing “Rockport Sunday” a benefit concert held at Windhover featuring folk singers Tom Rush and Jonathan Edwards.