Ants: Pests, Pets, or Paragons?”

Schooner Adventure Lecture Series

“Ants: Pests, Pets, or Paragons?”

Aaron M. Ellison, Ph.D. Senior Ecologist & Senior Research Fellow

Harvard University, Harvard Forest, Petersham, MA

Ants are among the most successful insects. Experts estimate that there could be 20,000 or more species of ants in the world. They have evolved to fill a variety of different ecological niches as predators, herbivores, leaf-cutters, seed-harvesters, aphid- tenders, and fungus-growers. They are found in deserts and rainforests, mountains and valleys, from the Arctic Circle to the tip of South America. They are interesting organisms that should be studied to better understand their unique behaviors and their roles in the earth’s ecosystems. Dr. Aaron Ellison is the Senior Research Fellow in Ecology at Harvard University’s 3500-acre outdoor classroom and laboratory for ecological research, the Harvard Forest in Petersham. In 1992, he received the National Science Foundation’s Presidential Faculty Fellow Award for “demonstrated excellence and continued promise both in scientific and engineering research and in teaching future generations of students to extend and apply human knowledge.” Dr. Ellison also serves as an Adjunct Research Professor in Biology at U-Mass Amherst.

Wednesday, October 14, 7:00 PM

Cruiseport Gloucester, 6 Rowe Square, Gloucester, MA

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