Blue Heron

Directed by Scott Metcalfe, Blue Heron’Boston’s top early-music vocal ensemble’presents Divine Songs, connections and exchanges between secular song and sacred music, featuring the music of Johannes Ockeghem (c.1425-1497).

Blue Heron
Pamela Dellal, Paul Guttry, David McFerrin, Owen McIntosh, Jason McStoots, Martin Near, Mark Sprinkle, Sumner Thompson, voices
Laura Jeppesen, rebec & medieval fiddle
Scott Metcalfe, director, harp & medieval fiddle

Johannes Ockeghem, one of the greatest composers of all time, is completely unknown to many listeners today. His endlessly fascinating sacred music has been characterized as mystical; his songs, each one a gem of invention, can be funny, heart wrenching, or profound.

The program includes Ockeghem’s songs Ma maistresse, Fors seullement, and Presque transi; De plus en plus by Gilles Binchois; and movements from the masses by Ockeghem based on those songs.

‘The music of this Franco-Flemish master unspools in a dazzling maze of crisscrossing lines, magnificent in their complexity and austere beauty. Follow the patterns closely and they are mind-bending; soften the focus of your concentration and this spacious music washes over you, as entrancing as a majestic cathedral.’ Under the artistic leadership of Scott Metcalfe, the performances were handsomely polished and beautifully delivered, with keen attention paid to the clarity of interplay among voices.’

“Music to listen to intently’and blissfully”

“Sensually rich, yet balanced and incandescent”

– The Boston Globe

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Tickets: $46, $38, $28