One of Ireland’s most cherished Irish folk bands and among the leaders of the new traditionalist movement in Celtic music, Dan’ has been thrilling audiences with their instrumental virtuosity and powerfully emotive ballads for close to 20 years.

Based in the city of Waterford (Dungarvan Co.), the talented septet (along with kindred spirits like L’nasa and Dervish) has successfully brought Celtic music back to its earthy, traditional roots while keeping a modern, youthful sensibility. The band has released seven records since forming in 1994, and has been voted Best Overall Traditional Act by Dublin’s magazine Irish Music, as well as getting votedBest Traditional Group twice in the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. Dan’ is comprised of founding members Benny McCarthy (accordion), D’nal Clancy (guitar) and Donnchadh Gough (bodhran, uillean pipes), as well as Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh (vocals, whistle), Tom Doorley (flute), Ois’n McAuley (fiddle) and ‘amon Doorley (bouzouki).

”a vibrant mix of virtuosity, empathy and energy’ ‘ Washington Post