Essex Heritage Scenic Byway Public Forum

Essex Heritage Scenic Byway Public Forum
Essex National Heritage Commission
221 Essex Street, Suite 41
Salem, MA 01970

Date: Wednesday, November 10, 2010 Rockport Public Library, Brenner Room
17 School Street, Rockport

A public forum will be held at the Rockport Public Library, Brenner Room, on Wednesday, November 10, 6:30-8:30 PM. The forum will include a short presentation about the byway and its corridor management plan — highlighting some of the key ways the byway can bring benefit to your community. Come ready with your questions as well as your ideas for how this byway program can help to preserve, enhance and promote some of your community’s scenic, cultural, natural, and historic resources and bring economic benefit as well.

The byway route through Rockport provides travelers with a complete experience ‘ introducing them to the coastal area along Route 127A, the inland forests along Route 127, and the historic and vibrant downtown. Arriving by train, bike, car, or boat, byway travelers will be enticed to discover historical treasures, take in the remarkable water views, walk the beaches and cliff walks, attend a cultural event, and shop and eat in the downtown.

For more information please visit or call Essex Heritage at 978-740-0444.