Illuminated Dances

Windhover Dance Company presents an evening of dances based on the arts of painting and sculpture. 8pm. The Windhover Dance Company will perform a new piece choreographed by Ina Hahn, focusing on Cape Ann artists. The Dusan Tynek Dance Theater will perform the critically acclaimed new work by the young, emerging choreographer, Dusan Tynek, entitled “Camera Illuminata,” inspired by the paintings of Degas, Caravaggio, Currin, Flandrin, and Schiele.

For information and tickets, call 978-546-3611.

Directions to Windhover:
Follow Rte 128 to the rotary in Gloucester. Go halfway around the rotary and continue on the extension of 128 . Then go halfway around another rotary shortly after this. At the bottom of the hill, at the traffic lights, turn to the left to Rockport. Continue about 3 miles until you come to a 5-way intersection (Five Corners) and turn left (Railroad Avenue to Pigeon Cove). Stay on this road, which becomes Rte 127 around Cape Ann. After about 1 1/2 miles you pass a large factory building on the right (ocean side) and climb a long graded hill. At the top of the hill watch for the blue and white sign saying ‘Windhover’ on the right. Drive into the parking lot near the sign. Park and walk through our field. When you pass the buildings, turn right and continue on the path to the outdoor stage.