Introduction to Net Making

Introduction to Net Making at Heritage Center

During this two and a half hour introductory workshop you’ll master the sheet bend, the basic knot used to make everything from hammocks to ditty bags to fishing nets. Using a net needle, mesh block and twine, you’ll learn the basics of beginning net making, including how to start a project.

Materials and equipment are provided. Model maker Tony Ashdon will teach the workshop on Thursday, October 15 from 6:30- 9 pm at the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center, 23 Harbor Loop. The fee for this workshop is $10. To register, call the Heritage Center at 978-281-0470.

If there is sufficient interest following the Introductory Workshop, the Heritage Center will offer a four week long net making class in which participants can undertake a broad selection of projects ranging from hammocks to swing chairs, from sports nets to “save alls” for sail boats.

(978) 281-0470