Veteran folk-rocker Jonathan Edwards burst on the music scene 40 years ago with the mega-hit ‘Sunshine (Go Away Today),’ and has since enjoyed a vibrant troubadour career based around his undeniable melodic gifts and an exuberant performance style. The New England-based singer-songwriter followed up his smash hit single with hits like ‘Emma,’ ‘Don’t Cry Blue,’ ‘Shanty’ and many more. Four decades into a career of uncompromising musical integrity, the man simply delivers night after night ‘ songs of passion, songs of insight, songs of humor, all rendered in that pure and powerful tenor which, like fine wine, has grown sweeter with age. A vital and relevant artist in today’s folk and Americana scenes, he recently released his newest record, Jonathan Edwards Top 40, highlighting his most requested songs from the past 40 years.

‘Edwards’ voice is so naturally malleable that all he really needs is a song with a strong melodic hook and he’s home free.’ The Washington Post