Meet the Author

Book Signing & Meet the Author

Captain Jim Sharp

Friday, August 24th, 3PM-5PM at Schooner Adventure on the Cruiseport Gloucester Pier

6 Rowe Square, Gloucester MA

For more information call 978-281-8079 or email


Captain Jim Sharp, skipper of a whole fleet of vessels on the Maine coast including four windjammers, tugs and freight boats, sail and power’ avid reader of a bevy of historic sea stories’.mariner’.raconteur….has crowded into his library some hair-raising, spellbinding volumes for your consideration:

‘If you look for anything you can find on the schooner Adventure, either in her hey-day fishing out of Gloucester or when sailing the coast of Maine – or the old Boston schooner, pilot boat, Roseway – both windjammers owned at one time by this hopeless addict, you will find an ‘on-the-edge-of-your-chair’, ‘page-turning’ kind of a read.

‘Tis a bedazzling mix of memories of schoonering, tug-boating, and life’s undertakings on the sometimes harsh conditions of the Maine Coast…A chronicle– a memoir of an exciting life by Captain Jim Sharp ………