Meet the author: Timothy Dobbins

Start Date: Dec 2 2006
Location: Rockport Public Library

Meet the author: Timothy Dobbins

Executive coach and conflict negotiator, Timothy Dobbins will discuss his new book on techniques for making meaningful decisions, ‘Stepping Up: Make Decisions that Matter’ on Saturday night, December 2, at 7:00 p.m. in the Rockport Public Library.

Dobbins asserts that people can be divided into those who watch things happen, those who make things happen, and those who wonder what happened. His book offers a new way to make things happen. ‘Stepping up’ means doing the right thing; making the loving choice, the one that does the most good. It means accepting that you have the responsibility to your family and friends and neighbors; to your coworkers, employees, and customers; and to your company, community, and country.

Timothy Dobbins is founder and president of an executive coaching firm whose clients include businesses, governments, and nonprofit organizations and individuals. He designs conferences, leads seminars, lectures, and writes on cultural architecture, leadership development, executive coaching, conflict management, and organizational team building. Mr. Dobbins has studied and taught in Jerusalem, the United Kingdom and Zurich and has assisted in conflict negotiations throughout the Middle East and elsewhere.

The meet-the-author series is sponsored by the Rockport Public Library and Toad Hall Bookstore. Public welcome.