Military Family Meet and Greet

The Cape Ann Military Family Support Group to host a “Meet and Greet” evening on March 4

The Cape Ann Military Family Support Group would like to invite family members and friends of our men and women serving in the military from Cape Ann to a ” Meet and Greet”

evening at the Major Frank Ritvo Veterans’ Center,

12 Emerson Ave., Gloucester on Thursday, March 4 from 7 to

9 pm. Local veterans are invited to attend to honor them for their past services and to share their experiences of being a Veteran. This is an opportunity for the community to come together informally to support our Troops who have kept and are continuing to keep our country free and safe.

The Cape Ann Military Family Support Group

will kick-off their Spring collection of items to fill May Baskets for our Troops. Community friends who would like to participate may donate any of the suggested items by bringing them to the meeting. Light refreshments will

be served. Community friends who would like to participate

by donating needed items for the baskets are asked to

bring item on March 4 between 7-9 p.m. Suggest items


Toiletries: Bar soap, body wash, Bounce dryer sheets,

Chap stick, roll-on deodorant, Q-tips, disposable razors, room fresheners, shampoo, conditioner, sun block, toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, Handy-wipes, moisturizer, wet-naps, band-aids, shaving cream, mouthwash, tooth picks, dental floss, nail files, odor eaters, feminine hygiene products, hand sanitizers, insect repellant, etc.

Personal items: Small pillows, small hand towels, cotton tube socks, bandanas (washed and softened) to shield faces from sand.

Miscellaneous: Paper, writing pads, peel’n seal envelopes (gummed flaps stick together in heat). Greeting cards, Ziploc bags, AA and AAA batteries, pens (black ink), plastic silverware (individually wrapped), small paper plates, paper cups, napkins, mini Kleenex packs.

Snacks: Applesauce cups, breakfast bars, bubble gum, Jell-o, Licorice, Microwave Popcorn, mints, Oreos, pasta dinners, Pop Tarts, powdered milk, pretzels, raisin, ready to eat soups, Saltines, Sardines, canned salmon, pre-packaged cookies, crackers, Dinty Moore Meals, lollipops, canned cheese, microwave popcorn, packaged or canned nuts of all kinds.

Condiments: BBQ sauce, single serve salad dressing, salt, pepper, jelly or jam packets

Drinks: Pre-sweetened instant Kool-Aid, lemonade,

Tang, tea, coffee, powdered Gatorade,

hot chocolate and powered crystal light.

Fun items: Disposable cameras, car magazines, note pads, People Magazine, paperback books, puzzle books, checkers, crossword puzzles, balls, etc.