Motif No.1 Day

Motif No.1 Day began in 1949 as an opportunity for Rockport residents and visitors to come together to celebrate Rockport’s heritage of the arts, symbolized by our famous red fishing shack, Motif No.1, the subject of countless paintings during the early 20th century.

Today, Rockport continues to inspire artists working across several media. Rockport honors this iconic building with a day dedicated to the Arts, expressed in family-focused, interactive ways.

A highlight of the festival is the Sidewalk Chalk Art contest, creating art spontaneously on the sidewalks of Rockport. The festival also offers an opportunity for budding and practicing artists alike to draw and paint the Motif through the Try Your Hand Art Event, with easels set up at different vantage points throughout downtown. Art activities for children, a scavenger hunt (finding temporary, small-scale sculptures of the Motif), poetry readings, film, art exhibits, dramatic presentations and fantastic live music will all be featured for a festival that encompasses nearly every artistic medium.

This is a unique celebration of a unique coastal town, with Rockport’s business and cultural community joining in the fun through each organization’s own activities and events in conjunction with the festival.