Pousette-Dart Band

Armed with a smooth, earthy tenor and a gift for melodic pop hooks, Jon Pousette-Dart has become a beloved regional fixture in the Northeast, both for his time leading the popular Pousette-Dart Band in the 70’s and for his more recent solo acoustic efforts.

Starting out as a Boston area string band in the early 70’s, the Pousette-Dart Band played the city’s coffeehouse circuit for a few years before landing a record deal after being spotted at a club by music industry legend Don Law. The Pousette-Dart Band, whose rootsy pop sound found them touring with major acts like The Eagles, Little Feat, James Taylor, the J. Geils Band and many more, released four acclaimed albums on Capitol Records from 1976-1979. The band’s hits like ‘For Love’ and ‘Amnesia’ had great commercial and critical success.

In the 90’s Pousette-Dart returned to music full-time, his sound evolving into more of a singer-songwriter bluesy- folk aesthetic. Recording and touring again, Pousette-Dart’s comeback began with 1998’s Ready to Fly. In the last fifteen years he’s continued on the solo path, releasing a handful of records including 2002’s Sample This and 2011’s Anti-Gravity. He will be releasing his highly anticipated next record Talk in the coming year.