Rockport Reunion

Rockport Reunion
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Start Date: Jul 11 2015
Location: Evans Field (at Pooles's Lane Entrance), Noon to 9 pm

It’s been a while. You grew up in Rockport, but you moved away. Or maybe you stayed, but saw friends drift off. Some moved “up the line,” some moved across the country. But you’re a Rockporter. Maybe you played for the Townies. Maybe you knew someone who had a Pass. You’ve probably bumped along Eden Road.You know Jimmy’s and Twin Lights and The Pier and Long Beach and where the Sandpiper used to be.

We’re coming home.
Rockport Reunion: A Homecoming
Everyone, all ages, all classes. All Rockporters.

Tickets are now on sale!
$10 PP OR $25 FAMILY
Children under 6, free!

FREE admission to all volunteers! Sign up here