SARA’S VOICE ‘SOTTO VOCE’, with Diana Cohen, violin and Roman Rabinovich, piano

Mark your calendars for a unique, theatrical violin concert on Sunday, October 18 at the Shalin Liu Performance Center. The concert is entitled SARA’s VOICE, sotto voce (a small voice in Italian). It will premiere some of the thrilling violin music once played by Sara.

Sara was a young Latvian violin virtuoso with a promising career. At the age of 21, Sara’s music was silenced when she was murdered in the Rumbula Forest outside of Riga (Latvia) in 1941, one of thousands of Latvian Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

The afternoon performance, directed by Judy Braha, features Diana Cohen (violin soloist, chamber musician and concertmaster at the Calgary Symphony Orchestra) and Roman Rabinovich (an Israeli pianist and winner of the 2008 Arthur Rubenstein International Piano Master Competition) will highlight Sara’s story through her music. The musicians, accompanied by Deborah Shelkan Remis’ narration, will breathe life into Sara’s story.

Following the concert there will be a reception featuring a visual display of pictures and documents of Sara’s career. Tickets for reception are $10.

The purpose of this concert is not to be mournful, but rather a celebration of a young woman’s promising career that was curtailed in the maelstrom of war and persecution.

The program was researched, written and produced by Deborah Shelkan Remis. The event is sponsored in part by the Paulson Grant, Temple Ahavat Achim in Gloucester, Reclaim a Name, LLC and anonymous donors.

Tickets to the concert and ocean view reception immediately following the performance may be purchased by calling the box office at 978-546-7391.

Tickets: $40, $20 for students; reception $10