Shawn Colvin Performs at the Shalin Liu

An immensely talented and widely respected singer-songwriter, Shawn Colvin has carved an immovable place for herself amongst the pantheon of contemporary folk music. In a career spanning more than three decades, Colvin has developed a devoted and loyal fanbase on the strength of her highly personal and emotive lyrical style combined with a knack for infectious melodies and pop hooks.

A native of South Dakota, Colvin’s musical career had influential stops in Austin, Berkeley and Greenwich Village, the latter where her star took off as a veteran of the city’s Fast Folk scene. She was signed to Columbia Records after touring with Suzanne Vega, instantly becoming part of the late 80’s ‘new folk’ movement that included the Indigo Girls, Tracy Chapman and Vega. Her debut record, 1989’s Steady On, won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Folk Album despite not being a huge commercial success. That would change as acclaimed subsequent records spread word of Colvin’s impressive musical gifts, culminating in 1997’s platinum-selling A Few Small Repairs and its breakthrough single ‘Sunny Came Home’ which won Colvin two Grammys and millions of new admirers.

Settling in Austin, Colvin continued making acclaimed records throughout the next decade (gaining another Grammy nomination for Shawn Colvin Live in 2008, including her latest, 2012’s All Fall Down, which included guest spots from Emmylou Harris, Jakob Dylan and Alison Krauss among others.

Tickets: $68, $58, $49