Cape Ann movie fans who know not to brave the crowds in Salem for a haunted Halloween have another choice this year – Gloucester. Starting Friday, October 23rd and through November 1st, The Cape Ann Community Cinema at 21 Main Street in Gloucester will present “ShocktoberFest,” a variety of scary movies and events for every taste and every age:

*Friday, October 23rd @ 10:00pm

I SELL THE DEAD – A darkly funny Victorian supernatural tale starring Dominic Monaghan from “Lost” and “Lord Of The Rings” and Ron Perlman from “Hellboy.” Also shown Saturday, October 31st @ 10:00pm.

*Saturday, October 24th @ 10:00pm

THE COLOUR FROM THE DARK – Based on H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Colour From Space,” about a sinister force that takes over a quiet Italian farmstead during World War II. Starring scream queen Debbie Rochon.

*Sunday, October 25th @ 3:45pm

THE HAUNTED CLASSROOM – The legendary AV Geeks present this collection of spooky classic educational films from the world’s largest archive of 16mm classroom favorites – a library that is some 22,000 titles strong. Head geek Skip Elsenheimer is available for interviews: (919) 247-7752;

*Sunday, October 25th @ 7:30pm

SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE – Two young children try to deal with life in Franco-era Spain after seeing a traveling film show presentation of James Whale’s “Frankenstein.” Part of our “Essential Art House” series. Also shown Sunday, November 1st @ 4:30pm.

*Monday, October 26th through Friday, October 30th @ 5:00pm

FRANKENSTEIN – The world’s first horror novel, a haunting tale of gods and monsters by Mary Shelley, hit screens and 1931, and has been frightening viewers both young and old ever since. Boris Karloff’s Monster has become an icon, and this gorgeous HD print allows fans to appreciate detail like never before. Additional shows Wednesday, October 28th @ 11:00am, Friday, October 30th @ 11:00am & 2:30pm and Saturday, October 31st @ 3:30pm. All tickets to “Frankenstein” are just $5.00.

*Thursday, October 29th @ 9:30pm

DIE YOU ZOMBIE BASTARDS! – It’s become an annual favorite in Salem, and now we offer the first Gloucester screening of local artist Haig Demarjian’s gonzo spectacle, with the multi-talented writer-producer personally presenting the film. Hanging all month at the Cinema is Demarjian’s installation, “Big and Monstrous,” featuring large-format works depicting classic horror icons Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney and Lon Chaney, Jr. Demarjian is available for interviews at (978) 559-1769;

*Friday, October 30th @ 10:00pm

HOW TO BE A SERIAL KILLER – Mix the hit series “Dexter” with a Tony Robbins self-betterment seminar and you have this dark treat, featuring a hilarious script and a fantastic lead performance by Dameon Clarke.

*Saturday, October 31st @ 11:00am

MONSTERS VS. ALIENS – The animated hit about a squad of misfit monsters who save the world is another entry in our “Silly Saturday Cinema” series, which also features this week’s “Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory” (Oct. 24th @ 11:00am). All “Silly Saturday Cinema” tickets are just $5.00.

*Saturday, October 31st @ 11:59pm

BLACK DEVIL DOLL – Our first midnight movie is this despicable and riotous exploitation tale about a ventriloquist’s dummy that is inhabited by the spirit of a lustful and violent black militant. Preceded by “I Sell The Dead” (separate admission) at 10:00pm. No one under 18 will be admitted to “Black Devil Doll.”

All tickets (unless otherwise noted) are $9.00 adults, $7.50 students & seniors and $6.00 for members. For those under 18, all shows after 9:00pm require in-person parental permission.

Please let me know if you need photos for any of these. A separate “DoctoberFest” update will follow.




Robert Newton

Managing Director

The Cape Ann Community Cinema

21 Main Street – 2nd Floor

Gloucester, MA 01930

(978) 309-8448

AIM: MassBayFilm