Spiritual Travels Through India

Spiritual Travels Through India

The Gloucester Lyceum will present “Spiritual Travels Through India” on Wednesday evening August 20th at the Sawyer Free Library at 7 PM. This program is a one hour tour of north India and the adventures of Paul McPherson and Brenda Malloy during their seven week trip. The talk will include a brief overview of India’s five different belief structures.

In the last five years Paul McPherson has traveled to Bali, Peru, China, Tibet, Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam and India searching for answers to questions about himself and the world around him. He found India to have the most answers. Paul has presented this show twice-at the request of friends and strangers, he will present it one more time.

“Your views on materialism and seeking more space in your own head really hit home with my whole Family.” said one Cape Ann resident after seeing the presentation.

Another stated “When you quoted the Dali Lama saying, ‘Study the root and the branches will take care of themselves.’ it connected deep inside me.”

Lyceum programs are free of charge and open to the public. For more information call 978-281-9763 or visit the library website at www.sawyerfreelibrary.org.