The Amazing Kreskin

Tickets go on sale Wednesday, October 26

With a showman’s flair and the capacities of a bona fide thought reader, The Amazing Kreskin ‘ ‘the world’s foremost mentalist’ ‘ will amaze you with his uncanny predictions. Kreskin’s signature piece is requesting that his check be hidden somewhere within the venue he is appearing. If he fails to find it, he will forfeit his fee. Kreskin continues to offer $50,000 to anybody that can prove that he employs paid secret assistants or confederates in any phase of his program.

Bring your friends ‘ and thoughts ‘ to the Shalin Liu and see for yourself why 10 million people visited the AOL web site New Year’s weekend in 2010 to view Kreskin’s predictions for 2011.

Tickets: $19, $28, $34