The Military History of Halibut Point

On Sunday, April 27 at 1:00pm Halibut Point State Park will debut a new standard program, The Military History of Halibut Point. Running for approximately one hour every Sunday thru October, this program features a tour of the park’s new military history display and a climb up to every level of the park’s artillery fire control tower. Halibut’s new ground-floor overview of the park’s military history dating back to the War of 1812 features text, photographs, lithographs, documents, artifacts, memorabilia and period reproductions. The five-story tower, built with steel-reinforced concrete, was constructed by the US Army Corps of Engineers in 1943 and staffed by the Army Coastal Artillery Corps, originally housed sighting instruments for aiming 16? long-range guns as part of both the Boston and Portsmouth, NH harbor defense systems. After World War Two, the tower and its attached barracks (now the park’s Visitors Center), were staffed by US Air Force personnel engaged in radar research in conjunction with MIT’s Lincoln Lab, a classified project that led to the development of semi-automatic ground environment (SAGE) and the Cape Cod Radar System, the prototypes for the Cold War radar defense systems that blanketed the United States for decades. This program meets in the Visitors Center and like all programs at Halibut Point is FREE to the public.