The Watercolors of Frances Vrachos at the Rockport Art Association

The Rockport Art Association feels a deep sense of gratitude to those who donate to its various funds: for prizes, for art classes for young and old, to our museum collection and for upkeep on our buildings.

One of the most generous donations in recent years is from the estate of Frances Vrachos, a local businesswoman, owner of the Atlantis Motel — and a highly skilled painter. She not only started her career as an art instructor but also painted watercolors throughout her life. She refused to show these works, since she considered them part of a pictorial “diary” of her life and travels.

The RAA is proud to present a selection of these watercolors in recognition of Frances Vrachos and her generous gift to the organization.

In collaboration with Sawyer Free Library of Gloucester

Sponsored by Cape Ann Savings Bank Trust Department

RAA celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2011!

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