No sky is bluer, no air crisper, no leaf greener than after a storm, and Travis Tritt has added a musical addendum to that list with his newest record, The Calm After ‘ The acclaimed album marks a fresh and focused start for one of the most successful and acclaimed country music stars of his era.

Born and raised in Georgia, Travis Tritt got started singing and playing in local churches, eventually gaining enough confidence to record a demo that found its way to Warner Bros. While his outlaw image and unconventional southern rock/country hybrid gave some label execs pause, they signed him to a record deal, releasing the single ‘Country Club’ which immediately became a Top Ten hit. The subsequent debut album of the same name earned him a CMA nomination for the coveted Horizon Award (which he won the following year).

In the next several years, Tritt launched into superstardom with several Billboard Chart topping albums, including the triple platinum-selling It’s All About to Change in 1991. Smash hit singles like ‘Here’s a Quarter,’ ‘Can I Trust You with My Heart’ and ‘Foolish Pride’ solidified Tritt’s place amongst the pantheon of country music royalty.

After a brief recording hiatus, Tritt released the soul-inflected album The Calm After’ in 2013, reigniting his career with a critically-acclaimed comeback record which boasted the single ‘Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough’ featuring his talented daughter, Tyler Reese Tritt.

”an expressive voice that unaffectedly combines the twang of George Jones with the pleading of Ray Charles.’ -Washington Post