2010-11 Rockport Walking Guide

New Rockport Downtown Walking Guide Now Available

The sixteenth edition of the Rockport Walking Guide, produced by the Rockport Chamber of Commerce, a Division of the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, is now available for distribution through the mail, in visitor centers, public buildings, and at business locations throughout Rockport. The new and updated 2010-2011 Walking Guide features brighter and sharper colors and a revised map of the downtown area and points of interest, including historic sites, parking areas, rest rooms, public services, and the recently opened Shalin Liu Performance Center.

The new edition also includes newly created icons to identify the various listings for shops, galleries, restaurants, and inns, and has updated the three self-guided walking tours in and around the scenic downtown area. The map for this edition of the Walking Guide has been expanded to include historic markers, churches, Old Garden Beach, and Old Garden Path, and now stretches from Back Beach to Marmion Way, and includes Whistlestop Mall and the train station. The new and updated edition has a total of 73 business listings, including seven new listings.

The Rockport Chamber has produced 30,000 copies to help guide Rockport visitors throughout the year ahead. Anyone interested in obtaining copies of the 2010-2011 Rockport Walking Guide is encouraged to stop by or call the Rockport Information Booth or the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce offices.