Alexander Westerhoff Antiques Awarded

Boston and Essex, MA ‘ Alexander Westerhoff Antiques of Essex, MA receives the much coveted ‘Best of Boston’ Award for 2011, being named with 328 other Massachusetts businesses and institutions as Boston Magazine’s Number One choice in the Baystate.

Tom Lang, Co-Owner of Alexander Westerhoff Antiques has this to say,’We are honored to have been chosen as Boston Magazine’s top pick as an Antique Store. For a gallery in Essex, ‘America’s Antique Capital’ to have been awarded this honor is analogous to The America’s Cup being won back from the Australians.’

What Lang is referring to is Essex having the title ‘America’s Antiques Capital’ for boasting 35 dealers in one linear mile along its picturesque main thoroughfare. Even Boston cannot claim the draw of quality dealers or the diversity of shops and galleries that Essex, MA has been known for. Antiques in Essex have been recorded being sold as early as 1911 as church records found when Alexander Westerhoff and Tom Lang purchased and renovated the building that houses their 4500 square foot galleried showcase. The congregation of the Methodist Church held services ‘Over the Antique Store at Burnham’s Corner’ when it undertook the construction of the church tower in 1911. This tower and this historic building were fully restored and now visitors to Essex may marvel at Alexander Westerhoff Antiques’ collection which was awarded ‘Best of Boston’ as well as take in a bit of local history.

Alexander Westerhoff Antiques is located at 18 Eastern Avenue, Essex, MA 01929

Shop hours are from 11 AM to 5 PM, everyday but Tuesday. 978-768-3830