Assorted Artists Return to The Seaward Inn

Assorted Artists Return to The Seaward Inn

On Friday, June 10, Nancy Cameron-Gilsey launched a revival of The Assorted Artists of Seaward Inn with a get-acquainted complimentary Wine and Cheese Party open to inaugural students as well as the general public. Her parents, Roger and Anne Cameron, successfully introduced the AASI Painting Holidays in 1979. It was their sincere wish that these Painting Holidays would become a tradition elevating both the creativity and spirit of all artists, regardless of their talent. They hosted many Cape Ann master instructors including Roger Curtis, his son, David Curtis, Martin R. Ahearn, A.W.S. and Marilyn Swift to name a few. These artists have inspired hundreds of students of all levels and in all mediums.

It is with great pride that Nancy, on behalf of the Seaward Inn, welcomes fine artist and nationally acclaimed Jerry N. Weiss to “kick off” the first Artist Workshop of 2005.

In the tradition of her parents, Nancy recreated the pomp and pageantry of this event with Charlotte Chane playing traditional bagpipe music to Pierre, the red-capped Seagull and mascot of the AASI, perched atop the Gullsnest Building, overlooking the inn and ocean. Pierre dons a red beret, and carries a camera around his neck and painting palate under his wing.

Nancy presented Jerry N. Weiss and his students with a red beret, symbolic of the workshops, as well as a membership card declaring them official lifetime members of the Assorted Artists of Seaward Inn. This event was followed by live music with LuAnn Pallazola singing and playing classical and jazz music on the piano accompanied by Jeannine Lynch on the flute.

The return of the Assorted Artists of the Seaward Inn is now official.

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