Beaches of Rockport

Back Beach: Beach Street
On Beach Street between Main and Granite, Back Beach offers great views as a bonus to its sand and surf, and is close to the downtown shopping area. Back Beach is a renowned scuba diver’s destination.
Back Beach, Rockport, MA

Cape Hedge Beach: South Street
Cape Hedge Beach is a very quiet beach with a long rocky shore. The beach sits about 2.5 miles from downtown Rockport.

Cape Hedge Beach, Rockport

Front Beach: Off of 127A take Main St. to Beach St. to downtown Rockport
Surrounded by an abundance of Inn’s and B&B’s Front Beach is in the perfect location. This is a great spot for swimming, especially during high tide as much of the beach is overtaken by water. Also in close proximity to downtown with tons of restaurants and shops!

Front Beach, Rockport

Pebble Beach: Penzance Rd
This beach stays true to its name as it is covered in a variety of smooth pebbles and stones. Pebble Beach is the perfect place to search for seashells and view all of the sea birds that fly about. The Boston skyline can also be seen in the Southwest direction.

Pebble Beach, Rockport

Long Beach: Thatcher Rd to Rockport Rd- 127 A
Long Beach is the perfect quintessential New England beach with views of the Twin Lights on Thatcher Island. The beach is also surrounded by a variety of Inn’s, B&B’s and beautiful New England style homes.

Long Beach, Rockport

Old Garden Beach: Old Garden Road
This intimate, very small beach is secluded enough to unwind from all of your vacation activities, yet easily walk-able from town. Eat your lunch at one of the picnic benches while taking in the great view. This is a beautiful place, and one of the more unique beaches north of Boston.

Old Garden Beach, Rockport