Gloucester is about much more than just fish and ships

From spring through fall, Gloucester is a tourist mecca, attracting visitors to its oceanside setting that is renowned whale watches, harbor cruises, deep-sea fishing trips and seafood fresh from the dock. While the ocean activities go on hiatus in the winter, there are still plenty of cultural and historical attractions that warm up visitors from near and far.For those who still need their ocean fix, the city, which was founded in 1623, boasts being America’s Oldest Seaport, and offers spectacular sea views to go along with land attractions. Located on Cape Ann, visitors from the Attleboro area can expect an approximately 1 hour 20 minute trip to Gloucester.

For the drive, visitors will be rewarded with events mostly centered in a downtown area. We visited Gloucester on two recent weekends, and with so many holiday events right in the downtown area, we ventured farther afield only for concerts and a sightseeing drive along the coast, so resist the temptation to drive straight through to Rockport.

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