Maine Army National Guard Band Concert

195th Army Band ‘ Media Information

The Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management is proud to present: ‘Maine’s Own’, 195th Army Band of the Maine Army National Guard, based in Bangor, Maine, on July 9, 2010 at Stage Fort Park.

The Maine Army National Guard Band provides music throughout the full spectrum of military operations, which instills in our soldiers the will to fight and win, fosters the support of our citizens and promotes our national interests at home and abroad. The Band performs at military and civilian events in Maine and throughout the Eastern U.S.

In recent months, the Band has mainly participated in send-off ceremonies, as our fellow Maine guardsmen have been deployed overseas. We also have the honor and pleasure of performing at their joyous homecoming celebrations.

The Band is made up of college students, teachers, engineers, business leaders, carpenters, mail carriers, and full-time military personnel. We come together as Soldiers to complete our mission ‘ to perform patriotic music.

The 195th Maine Army National Guard Band is under the direction of Warrant Officer Brady S. Harris of Brewer, Maine. The 195th is proud to serve our soldiers and represent the National Guard for the people of Maine.