Gasoline prices in Massachusetts are down another six cents from last week, according to AAA Northeast.

AAA’s August 11th survey of prices in Massachusetts found self-serve, regular unleaded averaging $2.52 per gallon, down six cents from last week. Prices locally are 20 cents less than a month ago. The current price is six cents less than the national average for self-serve unleaded of $2.58. A year ago at this time the Massachusetts average price was 98 cents higher at $3.50.

‘Expectations that the global oil market will remain oversupplied, at least in the near term, are keeping downward pressure on the price of crude, translating into savings at the gas pumps,’ said Mary Maguire, Director of Public and Legislative Affairs for AAA Northeast. ‘Add in the potential for demand to drop as the summer driving season winds down, and we may be seeing notable price declines heading into the Labor Day holiday.’

The range in prices in the latest AAA survey for unleaded regular is 80 cents, from a low of $2.25 to a high of $3.05. AAA advises motorists to shop around for the best prices in their area, and to make sure they and their passengers buckle up ‘ every trip, every time.

Today’s local gas prices and their ranges are as follows:

Self Serve Grade

$2.529 ($2.259-$3.059) Regular Unleaded

$2.819 ($2.419-$3.299) Midgrade Unleaded

$3.019 ($2.819-$3.499) Premium Unleaded

$2.839 ($2.599-$3.699) Diesel

Find the most up-to-date local gas prices with the AAA Fuel Finder by logging onto and clicking on Gas Saving Tips & Tools. AAA members can also obtain a copy of the Gas Watcher’s Guide at their local AAA Northeast office.