Remember Our Soldiers

Cape Ann TV Announces a Special Program to Remember Our Soldiers during the Holidays

(Gloucester, MA) Cape Ann TV will be holding two special videotaping sessions in their studio at 38 Blackburn Center for families and friends who would like to pay tribute to Cape Ann soldiers during the holidays and be part of a special project. Cape Ann TV is compiling a program called, ‘Holiday Message to the Troops from Home,’ that will include messages from family members, friends and neighbors, as well as some musical presentations, that will be edited together and recorded onto a DVD and sent with the care packages to Cape Ann soldiers this holiday season. You can be part of it by calling Cape Ann TV to reserve a time to record a message in the studio on Monday, November 15 at a time between 2 and 4 p.m. or 6 and 8 p.m. Reservations to record a message will be taken in 15-minute increments. Call and reserve a spot to record an individual message or bring a group or family in to record a message together. Take this opportunity to share a heartfelt video message from your community, let our soldiers know that you are thinking of them and help to brighten the holidays for the soldiers who are honoring our country and protecting us each day. Call Andrew or Lisa at Cape Ann TV: 978-281-2443.