Rockport Featured on

Rockport is a favorite travel destination for day trips, weekly stays and lengthy vacations alike.  Our wonderful seacoast village was recently featured on as a Summer Day Trip.  Many of the town’s shops, attractions and restaurants were featured in the article.  Below is a preview. Check out the full article here.

Motif No. 1

(Photo Credit: Bethany Bourgault)

“There’s something special about this little town. In all of my New England exploring, I’ve yet to encounter a place that captures the essence of coastal life quite like Rockport. After all, Rockport is the inspiration behind so many works of art (it’s been an artists’ haven for almost a century — most notably thanks to Motif No. 1, pictured above) that it’s no wonder Rockport is the physical embodiment of our ideas of life by the water. And with its next-door neighbor to the north, south, and east being the Atlantic Ocean, I can’t help but feel like Rockport would rather be a part of the sea anyway.”  Read more here…