Rockport’s Annual Town-Wide Clean-up Day is Saturday, April 16

Earth Day in Rockport is THIS Weekend !

In celebration of Earth Day, the Rockport Conservation and Beautification Committees in collaboration with the Rockport Department of Public Works (DPW) have coordinated the 15th annual town-wide cleanup on Saturday, April 16, 2011.

Those groups that are signed up to participate by cleaning up a public place in Rockport on that day include:

(1) Alice Segel and the Millbrook Meadow Association to clean up Millbrook Meadow (meet at the meadow at 8 am);

(2) Carol Delaney and the Old Garden Beach Association to clean up Old Garden Beach & Park and the Davis Park next door(meet at the parking lot to Old Garden Beach at 8 am);

(3) Frank Gray and the Back Beach Group will clean up Back Beach (meet at the Gazebo at 8 am);

(4) Rockport Watershed Protection Committee will clean up around Loop Pond and trail leading to Whale’s Jaw (meet at end of Applecart Road at 8 am);and

(5) Larry Neal and the Rockport Conservation Commission will be clearing debris from town conservation land on Pigeon Hill Street and at Pine Pit.

With Easter so late and this year’s event taking place during school vacation, the Commission has recommended that any group(s) wanting to participate in an Earth Day clean up, contact the Conservation Commission office and choose any weekend in April for an event. Bags are available at the Conservation Office and the DPW will pick up the bags following an event which is signed up.

Bill Mueller and the Friends of Andrew Woods plan to clean up and maintain the trails at Andrews Woods on Saturday April 23, 2011 (meet at 94 Phillips Avenue at 9 am ‘ 12 noon). Also associated with Bill’s group is the Rockport Rights of Way Committee who will be cleaning up and doing maintenance on the Atlantic Path. For more information on this clean-up call 978-546-2725 or go to the FriendsOfAndrewsWoods website at

For more information, go online to the Rockport Conservation Commission website at (Regulatory & Land use) Conservation Forms page to see the flyer. Have a happy Earth Day!