Rockport Website Caters to Busy People Caters to Busy People

Finding the perfect places to stay, relax, and enjoy exciting activities in the historic seaside community of Rockport, Massachusetts just got a lot faster and easier. The Rockport Chamber of Commerce, a Division of the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, has unveiled their newly upgraded website, This high-powered travel website was built by veteran Web developers, Van Ness Group.

‘Our website has been very popular ever since its initial creation and launch several years ago,’ said Peter Webber, Rockport Chamber of Commerce Manager, who helped coordinate the project with key support from and in collaboration with the Town of Rockport. ‘Our objective in working with Van Ness Group is to make an even stronger and more effective guide to Rockport’s extraordinary resources and heritage.’

‘With Rockport’s abundance of coastal and landside attractions and activities, scores of accommodations, and wide array of festivals and events each year, we want to give visitors a quick, easy, and intuitive way of finding what suits their particular tastes,” Webber added.

Using highly intuitive, color-coded icons, powerful keyword searching, and plenty of tips and help, site visitors can easily find accommodations that match specific desires, such as beachfront, pool, waterfront, fireplace, handicap access and Internet availability. Budget minded travelers can sort by price, while sun worshippers can sort by distance from the beach.

One major challenge was to organize hundreds of activities and attractions – from beaches and lighthouses to schooner sails and kayaking to dining on lobsters and getting a massage. “That’s why we chose Van Ness Group,” said Webber. “They are internationally recognized experts in user interface design, in addition to being Cape Ann-based members of our Chamber.”

“With our Up-Front navigation, site visitors are seldom more than one click away from finding what they’re looking for,” said Peter Van Ness, CEO of Van Ness Group. “Rather than force people to think the way we do, we’ve designed the site to be intuitive for all sorts of curious minds.”

For one of America’s most beautiful destinations, speed, power and intuitive navigation are not enough. “This revised website had to embody the spirit of our community and showcase Rockport’s spectacular natural beauty,” said Michael Costello, Executive Director of the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce. “I’m extremely pleased with the result because I feel it does just that, and is destined to become one of the Web’s premier travel sites. I encourage people to log on and see for themselves.”