Sefatia Romeo sends out a call for host families!

Chamber member Sefatia Romeo sends out this urgent request:

Host Families Wanted! kids arrive in TWO DAYS!

We are in desperate need of 6 more homes. Several need to be pet free for allergies!

Worldwide International Student Exchange is a non-profit educational program. We are looking for Host Families for about 30 students that are coming from Spain. Hosting a student is a rewarding experience for the whole family!

Here is some info:

‘ Students can share a room with your child of the same gender

‘ Students are ages 14-18 years old

‘ Students have a structured program each day from 9-5 with English classes and field trips

‘ Students come with their own spending money

‘ All of the students speak English. You do not need to speak Spanish

‘ Students only want to experience and American family. There is no need to run around making sure the students see everything as they will be doing a great deal of this with the program. We only ask that you make them part of your family.

‘ Families help each other with rides, pick-up, etc. So we can most likely work out any issues you may have with that.

‘ This is an amazing opportunity to experience a different culture!

Please think about this wonderful opportunity.

Spanish program beings June 26- July 23

Thank you,

Carla King, Area Director, 978-884-4866