Sigrid Olsen Art joins Chamber

Sigrid Olsen, an artist by trade, brings her love for nature’s inherent beauty to the bold colors and distinctive prints of the fashion label that bears her name. Sigrid’s independent spirit and first-hand understanding of women’s busy lives affords her a unique perspective on designing for women today.

Her education in painting and printmaking led to expression in the textile arts, first with weaving and later with a hand-printed fabric business that blossomed for her in the early eighties. Her unique artistry soon found an enthusiastic audience and continued to develop a broad appeal.

Now Sigrid’s creativity extends far beyond fashion, taking her dream full circle to her roots as an artist. Sigrid Olsen Art is her most personal work, developed from original paintings, making real her vision of ‘bringing beauty into every day lives’.

Sigrid Olsen Art Gallery
34 Rocky Neck Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930