Steam Muster


On Saturday, October 13th, 2007, rain or shine, The Essex Historical Society and Shipbuilding Museum of Essex, Massachusetts will host a Steam Muster to celebrate the era of steam. The event will run from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM. Collectors from around New England will convene to display steam launches, working steam engines, a working scale steam locomotive typical of the locomotives that delivered flatcars full of lumber to Essex shipyards, and working scale models of steam engines. There will also be a rare turn-of the century Gloucester coal truck of the kind that would have delivered coal to Essex steam engines. There are even more exhibits that have not yet been confirmed! Inside the Museum’s Waterline Education Center, individual collectors will display memorabilia from the era of steam. Throughout the day, there will be lectures on steam engines and the history of steam, historical presentations on steam vehicles, tours of the Essex Shipbuilding Museum and even a digital photography ‘picture taking tips’ workshop to help visitors get the best pictures they can of this very unique event.

Admission is $ 7.00 per adult, with children 12 and younger admitted free of charge.

Food and beverages will be available throughout the day. All proceeds benefit the Essex
Historical Society and Shipbuilding Museum.

Essex and Shipbuilding:
For over three centuries, shipbuilding flourished in Essex, a small village wrapped around
a tidal estuary that flows into Ipswich Bay. Essex-built two-masted schooners became
known throughout the maritime world as swift and strong fishing vessels, and Essex
shipbuilding became synonymous with craftsmanship of the finest order.
Steam was part of Essex history. Steam donkey engines were used to hoist sails and haul
nets on many Essex-built schooners. The Essex yards produced thirty-one steam powered
tugs, trawlers, lighters, freighters and passenger haulers. Fifteen of those were over 100
feet long ” eight were over 150. The Steam Collier VIDETTE of 1881 was the town’s
largest vessel at 191 feet and 819.43 gross tons.

For more information about this very unique event, call 978-768-7541.

Essex Historical Society and Shipbuilding Museum
66 Main Street
Essex, MA 01929
(978) 768-7541