Two Drifters Feature: 10 Things To Do In Rockport

Rockport was the focus of another recent feature. This time, on the Two Drifters blog. Here’s a blurb below.  Click the link at the bottom to read the full feature.

The coast of Massachusetts is a special place. Lobster, lighthouses, leisure. There are lots of places you can explore up and down the edge of the Atlantic. But if you’re looking for one of those truly iconic coastal spots that draws visitors from not just around the USA, but across the world, the town of Rockport MA is your answer. We were recently invited to come and visit this coastal gem, and we immediately agreed. Just 2 hours from our current home in New Hampshire (seriously, New England is soo driveable!) it was an easy journey to spend a weekend in Rockport, Massachusetts.

CLICK HERE to get recommendations by the Two Drifters for 10 things to do in Rockport.