Volunteers Sought for Landing Party Festival in July

The Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, led by the Honorary Chair of America’s 400th Anniversary, and William & Mary Chancellor, Justice Sandra Day O’ Connor, has organized the Godspeed Sail program for the summer of 2006. Six cities, including Boston, will serve as ports of call for the Godspeed, a re-creation of one of the three historic ships that carried the founders of America’s first permanent English settlement. At each port, a ‘Landing Party Festival’, is scheduled for several days, complete with costumed interpreters, historic and cultural exhibits, interactive displays, and performances of music, song, dance and theatrical productions.

‘The Landing Party Festival will take place in Boston from July 14th through July 19th. Volunteers are needed to help with a variety of assignments during the festival, including hosting exhibits/activities, visitor services, guides and event assistants. For more information about the volunteer opportunities, or to apply online, go to www.americas400thanniversary.com, then click on the tab ‘Get Involved’. Click on ‘How to Volunteer’. When completing the application, under the section ‘Event Interest’, please be sure to check ‘Godspeed Sail’ and indicate the appropriate city. Under the section labeled Club/Civic Association, be sure to indicate William & Mary Alumni Association.