Whale Watching — Best Season in Years!

7 Seas Whale Watch reports:

July 17, 2006: Today we saw 33-38 HUMPBACK WHALES (I actually counted 33 but I KNOW there were more in the area), 2 FINBACK WHALES, and 3 MINKE WHALES (more than 40 whales total!).

A Cape Ann Whale Watch reports:

7/17/06: Today we were captured by a whale! The whale stayed under the boat for almost an hour, Spraying our customers with its blowhole!

Atlantic Yankee Fleet reports:

Whales, whales everywhere! We’ve had some fantastic trips over the past few weeks and this week was no different! Anywhere from 10-15 Humpback Whales have been in our area off Gloucester very consistently. The behavior most predominant has been very active, open-mouth feeding, with several whales feeding cooperatively. An added bonus have been Fin Whales and some Minke Whales very close to shore – only a couple miles from the harbor!

Captain Bill’s Whale Watch reports:

Recent sightings include numerous humpbacks, minkes, and finbacks– plus a female humpback with a new born calf.

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