Woodman’s Now Serving Ice Cream

Woodman’s of Essex Now Serving Ice Cream!

ESSEX, MA’Woodman’s has teamed up with Gifford’s Ice Cream, the Ice Cream Stand Ice Cream, of Maine. ‘Ice Cream at Woodman’s’ is conveniently located on the back side of ‘The Shop at Woodman’s,’ directly behind the restaurant. It features cones, cups, sundaes, frappes and sodas, all in a variety of flavors.

The Gifford family has been in business for over 100 years, spanning five generations. Since 1980 they have been focused on serving premium ice cream and frozen yogurt throughout New England. Woodman’s of Essex, also in its fifth generation, is very excited about this new venture, and proud to be paired with a fellow New England summertime favorite.

Woodman’s and Gifford’s, two New England Classics ‘melting’ together to scoop-up a new Summer Tradition!