WWII Veterans Memorial Dedication

World War II Veterans’ Memorial Dedication

Tuesday, July 4, 2006, 9:30 a.m.

Kent Circle, Gloucester

(Kent Circle is located at the intersection of Routes 127 and 133.)

Up until this time, there was no memorial to the veterans of WWII in Gloucester. The living memory of WWII will soon have passed away. Those that served and remain will soon pass away too, and there will then be no one to tell the story. Today we intend to honor those heroes, living and dead. These are/were your fathers, uncles, and brothers. They fought for you, their families, and their country.

The WWII Memorial Committee is committed to erecting a memorial to honor these men, and their counterparts the Wacs, Waves, and Nurses.

This was a very trying time for the home front too. This memorial will also honor the mothers, fathers, and wives of these heroes. They mourned their tragic loss when their loved one was killed or missing in action. They too put in great effort to win the war. They suffered rationing of clothes and food such as butter, meat, oils, and sugar. Gasoline and tires were rationed. Many households planted victory gardens to supplement the food supply.

Over 400,000 men were killed in action. Over 400,000 mothers and fathers lost their sons in battle. Some were killed in action, some missing in action, and some of these were never accounted for.

To Support the Gloucester WWII Veterans Memorial, send your tax deductable donations to: WWII Memorial Fund, P.O. Box 634, Gloucester, MA, 01930.