Zygmond Jankowski: The Other Art

The Rockport Art Association is pleased to announce an upcoming Solo Exhibition by renowned artist and RAA member Zygmond Jankowski, Sunday, November 25th-Friday, December 7th. Titled ‘ZYGMOND JANKOWSKI: THE OTHER ART’, the opening reception will be held Sunday, November 25th, from 2-4pm. Admission is free, refreshments will be served, and all are welcome to attend.

Zygmond Jankowski was born in 1925 in South Bend, Indiana. He has had many group and one-man shows since 1951 and has received numerous awards for his work. Jankowski is a member of the American Watercolor Society and is a Copley Master at the Copley Society in Boston, Massachusetts. Articles concerning Jankowski have appeared in several publications including American Artist Magazine, Artist Magazine, London, England, 40 Watercolorists and How They Work, Palette Talk Article: Who Are You, and the book: ‘Painting with the White Paper’.

Jankowski is a remarkable artist known for his strong sense of color values. He has spent a lifetime as a painter and has explored many mediums, pushing them to their limits while searching for a more direct and immediate means of personal expression. He focuses on a subject and analyzes it through his brush and palette searching for the statement that best expresses his feeling for the moment. He states: ‘You stand as a referee between the scene, your emotion and analysis. Your goal is to experience a feeling of excitement from the first stroke to the last’.

‘While most artists try to develop a recognizable ‘style’ and then use it to paint everything, Zyg’s manner in front of a motif, he can do fifteen paintings, one after another — all different. Each time, another fact of the material catches his interest. He has no style to live up to. You don’t go to Zyg to be assured — you go to be surprised. Surprised by an interesting personality at work. The unexpected is what is expected of him — and isn’t that an enviable and liberating position for any artist?’ — Charles Movalli, Artist, Author, Art Critic

‘Having watched Jankowski for over 25 years, I am continually impressed by the originality of his work. He goes beyond the tradition to which everyone can relate, and in making this leap, he loses some spectators. However, for those who are more adventurous, and follow his leap, the reward is a painting full of surprises with the ever present tie to the known or real world. It never fails, if I sell a client on of Zyg’s paintings, within a year that client will return to purchase another. His paintings have life to them and they speak to one’s various moods, thus they maintain their interest because they are not static.’ — Ingrid Swanson, Owner & Appraiser, ARA Gallery