One Ocean One Love Shop

Our work is inspired by the ocean’s beauty, our love for it, and desire to protect it. We print eco-friendly clothing and accessories from hand-carved linoleum blocks. All our designs are inspired by our love of the ocean’s beauty and all it has to offer. It is that same love for the ocean that also drives our mission to protect it.

We are so fortunate to be able to do what we love, while at the same time support a cause we believe so strongly in. We must all do our part to help conserve the ocean’s health for not only ourselves, but for the amazing marine organisms that we share it with.

Here at the One Ocean One Love Shop, we do our part to protect what we love by donating 5% of all One Ocean Arts apparel sales to doing local beach clean-ups and to purchasing our first “Seabin” ( and supplying it to a local marina.